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Turner County High School6

Ashburn, GA | Turner County

April 22, 2013

I am a graduate of Turner County High School. I feel that the school is not providing the children of Ashburn a solid base to go on after High School. There is a povertyl problem in this area but that should not be an issue on the educatin of the children. People have failed to touch on one of the biggest issues in this area when it comes to educationand anything else and that is the seperation of the community. Someone mentioned about the Athlethic program, that is really a shallow statement. It doe not matter how well the school's athlethic teams are doing if the student are not being prepared for life after High School. The community as a whole should come together and put the kids education in the forefront. There are teachers who genuinely care but there are others who do not. I went on after High school to do things that a few people from Ashburn have done but if I reall look bck it is not because og the great educational background I received from y high school. I am aware that there are and will always be kids that you can not reach, but the pupose of teaching is to create the potential for improvement in the life of the one being taught and that means all kids!

February 27, 2013

I graduated from Turner County in 1978. My oldest daughter graduated in 1993. I have a grandson in 1st grade at Turner who will graduate in 2020. Turner not only offers the some of the highest academic standards in the state but also has the best athletic program. Its high standards of leadership in a community who entirely supports there school by giving them the best opportunities that can be offered. I am proud to be a Turner alumni and will continue to offer my support in any way possible. Thank you for considering Turner County High School. They are well deserved.

Submitted by a parent

November 29, 2010

For size, Turner is an efficient school that offers a solid education. Its success is hampered because of the poverty level and general low economics of the area. In general the school has a core of solid educators and a strong administrative team.

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May 10, 2010

I am a former student and i can't blame the school entirely, because there are some teachers that really care. I learned that I was not ready for college when I attended, i think mainly because i was not in college prep classes, but I was not advised to do so because in middle school I received mediocre grades I was advised to vocational, but I've found that if lead in the right direction I would have been better off. I learned that in college when i was taught something, i retained it easily, and didn't have any problems from then on. At turner co, because they didn't consider me one of the smart kids or gifted kids, I felt I was deprived of i guess I can say the harder classes. Advise your kids to push themselves and if they advise them to do one thing go 1 step higher.

April 5, 2009

I am a former student and as i know from personal experience and from experiences with relatives turner county high does not prepare there students for college. Most have to take remedial classes to improve things they should have learned in high school and wasn't taught. If you look at how this schools test results compare to state average it falls bellow average in every area that says it all.

March 11, 2009

This schools is working to increase student achievement. They were the only high school in this area to make AYP in 2007

Submitted by a parent

June 4, 2008

This school cares about kids the school leaders are making decions based on what is best for the students

February 27, 2008

Principle tries very hard to reward students for doing the right thing. Even though most students are not appreciative, it does influence some.

Submitted by a student

September 13, 2007

I think these people are entirely wrong. No school is going to be perfect. Every school has some faults. Half of the things people on here are saying is completely untrue. They do not know what really goes on in this school. I have attended Turner County myself and I have to say it is no where near being this bad. I feel offended by all of these accusations. First of all you don't know, so you need to stop talking about stuff that you have no idea about. I mean, i know its not the best but is is by far not the worst.

Submitted by a student

October 27, 2004

I graduated from this school. My mother, aunt, sister, and 2 cousins did also. I still have 6 relatives in this system. The comment about social status affecting a child's education here is an absolute truth. Different members of my family have various financial and social status, which have had impacts on their treatment at school, especially in the grading and discipline areas. If a student wishes to better themselves in this environment, then figuring out how to do so becomes the full responsibility of that student and their family. This school offers no motivation or instruction for a continuing education after high school. My suggestion to any student is to do all that you can with your texts because the teaching you receive is inadequate.

Submitted by a former student

September 11, 2004

I have attended this school within the last 5 years and I don't think it was as bad as these reviews may lead people to think. It was by no means an outstanding experience but I think that I recieved a decent education and good mentorship from the teachers. My parents are not 'someone' in the community but between them and myself I and my siblings are well educated and successful. I feel like you get out of this school system what you put in.

Submitted by a former student

April 6, 2004

This school is bad. You cannot get an education if you are not keeping up with the Jones'. This school is one that wants no one to be different and wants everyone to conform. They are like a dictatorship. They want certain kids to be rich and the rest to be poor. People of different backgrounds that are not rich or their parents do not try to be, do not fit in at all. Plus, their dress code is entirely too strict.

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October 22, 2003

I had a son that attended this school for a while until I realized how poor it was. First of all, some of the teachers are not qualified to be teaching the classes that they are teaching, and in one of my son's classes the teacher gave them half the period off. I could go on all day but the bottom line is this is just a bad school.

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August 26, 2003

I myself attened this school for a short period or time and was not enthused by it then and I'm even less impressed by it now that I have 4 kids in it. I have the same feelings as another parent on the fact that if you are not someone in this community then your children get the short end of the stick.

Submitted by a parent

April 26, 2003

I have had 3 children that went to this school and now I have 2 grandchildren going here. I did not approve of the way the school was being ran then and I don't like the way that it is being ran now. If your child is not kin to anyone that is someone in this school or community than they are no one at school. The prep children dress anyway they wish and do anything they wish. I know this for a fact. I would not recommend this school to anyone.

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